Sunday, June 5, 2016

Yoga Time!

Wow! I can't believe my last post was in December, and it, too, was apparently what I sat down to write about: Sewaholic's Dunbar workout top and Pacific leggings.

In terms of details about the process, I don't have too much to add. The only change I made was to adjust the waistband piece to what it was originally. I had widened the top of it for the first pair and I just ended what I had added back off. I don't know how much of a difference it made.

The fabric was material I bought at Fabric Depot's location in Portland, OR over Thanksgiving Break in 2015. I had intended to make up this set a lot earlier, but well, life happened. (Teaching, yearbook, teaching, senior thesis, teaching, I love my job, right?) I love, love, love the colors in this set. Neither are what I typically wear, and even though the print is peacock feathers, somehow the combination reminds me of the ocean.

Since I made up my first pair (B&W), Caroline added a tutorial on how to do the binding on the Sewaholic blog, so I used that to help me get it "right" according to the pattern. Last time I was confused and I just did what I normally do for a binding. But this way is different, and you end up with the binding only showing on the right side of the garment, not the interior.

You'll also note that I put in Sewaholic garment tags. These were a fun present from my husband last Christmas. They are available for purchase on the Sewaholic website.

When it comes time to do the "photo shoot," I always have a hard time getting pics because I have two fun "helpers" who are excited to be outside with their mom.

Soon after finishing my new yoga outfit, I wanted to play with the embroidery unit on Pfanny Pfaff some more. A few months back, I saw the "yoga dogs" embroidery pack on EmbLibrary, and when they had a Memorial Day sale with 50% off, I went for it. I've played with the embroidery module just a little bit and decided to next dabble in embroidering towels. Thankfully, hubby once again came through and I had the right stabilizer I needed from a Christmas present.

My yoga towels are pretty old and shabby by now, and I figured if I ruined one or two in the process, there would be little harm done and no real loss. But there was still enough "terry" left in the terry cloth, that I could check to see if my stabilizer really did work like it's supposed to. I did. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Aren't they cute? They are at the foot of the towel, and it was pretty fun seeing them in yoga class the next day. I'm pretty sure that I have the only yoga towel in the East Valley with yoga dogs on them. I guess that probably also means I'm kinda the wackiest, too!

Here's some close ups.
Tree Pose

Camel Pose & Down Dog

I made a second towel, but I had a "learning experience" on one of those dogs. Even though it is still usable, I'm not pleased with the finished result. I learned you do NOT resize, resize again, and then resize again. The teacher of the embroidery class I took a few months ago told me that, and do you know what? She was right! Don't do that! The stitching ends up all wonky.


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